The Importance of HVAC in hospitals;

by Chloe Fox

The Importance of HVAC in hospitals;

As the PM announces biggest hospital building programme in a generation, the construction industry is getting ready…

Following on from the PM’s pledge in 2020 confirming “that 40 hospitals will be built by 2030 as part of a package worth £3.7 billion”, construction work began on the first 4 on the now-increased list of 48 planned improvements and new builds.

However, final planning stages are underway for a further 8 projects throughout the UK, for which the construction industry is now gearing up for.

HVAC units play a significant role in maintaining the safety of hospitals. Most hospitals admit patients with a wide variety of illnesses, some of which are highly dangerous via airborne transmission. In combination with the vulnerable nature of patients, it becomes vital to maintain correct air ventilation and temperature control, as recycled contaminated air moving between wards could prove fatal.

When installing HVAC systems within hospitals, it’s essential to consider their design to ensure that all rules and guidelines are followed. The systems need to be accessible to be regularly cleaned and positioned in locations where a large and regular amount of fresh outside air is available to be filtered throughout the hospital. This also ensures that health and safety guidelines are met.

When installed and maintained correctly, HVAC machines ensure that every hospital room is correctly maintained and ventilated, meaning that even the most vulnerable patients can be protected from airborne illnesses.

As the construction industry begins to pick up again in the wake of COVID-19 these new projects will prove to be valuable contracts for the re-mobilisation of manufacturers, installers, and drivers of HVAC products. However challenges such as disruptions to supply-chains and a shortage of skilled workers as a result of COVID-19 and Brexit will affect many companies’ ability to take on such projects.

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