How Supply Disruptions are Affecting the Sheet Metal Industry; and how Airtrace can help.

by Chloe Fox

How Supply Disruptions are Affecting the Sheet Metal Industry; and how Airtrace can help.

Worker shortages and transport disruptions, both as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Brexit have lead to supply chain disruptions that have affected many industries, with some stock levels at their lowest since 1983.

The prolonged closure of supply merchants combined with problems receiving goods from overseas suppliers, have all resulted in increased costs of goods within the steel and construction industry, forcing firms to hunt down alternative suppliers or suspend operations in the face of materials shortages.

As well as this, the inability for many firms to take on new talent throughout the pandemic, and the potential post-Brexit loss of up to 165,000 EU nationals currently working in UK construction roles, has lead to a national skills shortage that is likely to worsen in the coming years.

Airtrace Sheet Metal Ltd are helping construction and sheet metal firms to continue operations and combat these challenges. We produce bespoke sheet metal fabrications on a supply-only basis, with no branding of any kind, delivered discreetly throughout the UK; we won’t compete with you and can be used to top-up operations, or create bespoke sheet metal, hot-rolled and non-ferrous products.

We’re committed to keeping our prices fair despite the above disruptions, and so review our pricing structure every month to keep them as competitive as we can without jeopardising the fiscal health of our company and employees.

We are also looking to combat the national skills shortage with our variety of training and qualification schemes that look to provide our current and new employees with a varied range of sheet metal and manufacturing skills, regardless of their initial level of qualifications.

Contact us today to find out more about our products, or enquire about current vacancies.

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