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  • Floor paint and electrics

    Floor paint and electrics

    Its starting to take real shape, floor painting well under way. The electrics have started in a huge way with armoured cables everywhere.

  • Cladding and Mezzanine

    Cladding and Mezzanine

    During November 2014 the pre-insulated composite cladding goes on very fast and the building quickly takes shape. The mezzanine floor sheeting gets installed very quickly ready for the final concrete pouring.

  • Airtrace steel frame commences

    Airtrace steel frame commences

    The Airtrace steel frame starts and all of a sudden the scale of this build starts to evolve.

  • New factory well under way

    New factory well under way

    New factory concrete slab well under way with 70 miles of re-bar and more concrete lorries than you can imagine.

  • Piling commences for our factory

    Piling commences for our factory

    Piling commences on the new Airtrace home.

  • Renown Welding

    Renown Welding

    On 1st July 2014, Airtrace Sheet Metal Ltd purchased the business and all of the business’ assets of a local welding company based in Hailsham, East Sussex known as Renown Welding.

  • Demolition well under way

    Demolition well under way

    The demolition starts.

  • Airtrace Apple App

    Airtrace Apple App

    Bring on the technology. In May 2014 Airtrace got their ductwork ordering app launched on the iTunes App Store.

  • Planning Approval Granted

    Planning Approval Granted

    Planning is granted so its all systems go, time to continue with costings and appointing contractors, along with making ductwork and keeping clients happy.

  • Airtrace 5-A-Side Football

    Airtrace 5-A-Side Football

    Airtrace employees asked if we would sponsor them to play in a local five a side team

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