• In house training pays off

    In house training pays off

    Airtrace have always believed in training and promoting from within and as things have progressed in our new property we have been able to set up and establish a dedicated training area within our mezzanine floor.

  • Stainless steel ahu

    Stainless steel ahu

    During February and March 2017 we had the privilege to make and build a fully stainless steel air handling unit constructed in individual sections of stainless steel box section, which

  • Flying start to 2017

    Flying start to 2017

    It has been a terrific start to 2017, with lots of clients extremely busy. Lets hope that this boom continues and all of our clients continue to prosper and remain as busy as they have all started this year.

  • Another year another jumper

    Another year another jumper

    Its hard to believe another year has gone so quickly. Thank you to all our customers for all their business throughout 2016 and we wish everyone a very busy and prosperous 2017. Lets hope we can find some better looking jumpers (and staff!) for next year.

  • One more 10 year employee.

    One more 10 year employee.

    Airtrace values all employees and none more so than Dave Hickman, although we are sure you had more hair ten years ago. Over the last ten years Dave has developed into one of Airtrace’s most

  • 5th EAL LEVEL 2 NVQ

    5th EAL LEVEL 2 NVQ

    Airtrace are very pleased with the progress of all of our staff that have devoted their personal time to the NVQ program and Robert Warren is our 5th employee now to complete his qualification.

  • 10 YEAR SERVICE No. 2

    10 YEAR SERVICE No. 2

    Airtrace value all employees, without them we are nothing. On 30th August 2016, David Hollobone celebrated 10 years service as the second valued member of our team with a cake, card and a certificate.



    Airtrace continually and are actively improving our employee training schemes, part of which includes the opportunity to take part in the NVQ scheme run by a local training association, called SIGTA.

  • RNLI Sponsorship

    RNLI Sponsorship

    Tandem skydiving for charity.

  • Casi on ITV

    Casi on ITV

    Casi’s early season training has certainly paid off with some fantastic results

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